Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thumbs Up for Naps!

Kate makes a lot of noise during her sleep and likes to fool her parents into thinking she's waking up when she's really not. Captured on video (quality not's a still digital camera, not camcorder) is Kate giving us the "thumbs up" that she's still sleeping.

Update on the "Days of Kate"....we're still going strong. It's getting harder and harder to remember to take our daily photo, so many of them are being taken after 10:00pm! Even though this was supposed to be Lance's project, I'm the one that ends up taking the photo during the day (if I remember). Kate keeps me so preoccupied that I usually forget.

in my bouncy seat....P.S. I hate it!

I hate bows too!

Sleepy in my Easter bonnet


  1. I'm glad to finally see that my babies weren't the only ones that hated bows! I was starting to think they were freaks!! I am loving all of the pictures of Miss Kate...keep 'em coming!!!