Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday was our first big outing outside of the Lumberton house....and boy, was I GLAD to get out! It was wonderful to see the outside, breathe fresh air, and actually ride in the car somewhere other than the doctor or the hospital. Kate had a cute "My First Easter" outfit courtesy of Aunt Debbie LaRue and was proud to wear it today. She also had her first Easter dress and bonnet purchased by Grandmother and Granddad Poulter. At church, she was just a perfect baby. No crying, no fussing....just a good hour and a half of sleeping! It was wonderful, because I was really worried how she would behave being so close to lunch time.

Trying out my mom's rocker from when she was a baby....not sure how I like it!
How cute am I?

Posing after church

All dressed up


  1. Love the bunny outfit! Glad you guys had a great Easter!

  2. Michelle & Lance: What a beautiful family picture. Loved the pics of Kate taken by the photographer. What great poses and so much imagination. Of course, who could resist such a sweet little girl. Loved the one of Kate on her creative was that? Thanks for sharing,

    Love, Nanny