Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cup-Kate is One!

Well, we've reached the first birthday party. Lance and I were both excited and sad at the same time. How can our little one grow one year so quickly? People always say "It flies by" and they're right. Looking back at our 365 Days of Kate album and video, I see so many changes in Kate. Around day 60 is when she starts looking a little like the girl she is today. She still looks exactly like her Daddy except for the eyes. Before she was born, I wanted her to have blue eyes like Lance, but now I'm secretly happy that she has my eyes...because that's all she does have!

1st birthday milestones:
- She can crawl quickly and directly to what she wants.
- can pull up on anything, again, very fast
- can say Momma, Dada, Pop, Pawpaw, Nannie, Nanna, Ryerye (Ryan), ball, Hello, Byebye, No (her favorite), mall (yes, Miss Rebecca is my witness!), cookie, mine, Elmo, more, my baby
- loves to ride in her wagon
- can sign the word "more" (Thank you Miss Rebecca!)
- will eat anything except for babyfood green beans and broccoli
- can FINALLY drink from a cup unassisted (it was a long process)
- starting to drink her formula from a cup, occassionally
- loves to dance
- loves to hit drums, bangs on many items
- enjoys watching Sesame Street, Sprout, and Eebee videos
- can feed herself puffs, veggie cheese puff thangies, Ella's kitchen baby food
- can drink juice by herself in her carseat (although sometimes she comes out wearing more juice than went in her mouth)
- will take a nap or go to bed without crying about 9 out of 10 times
- points constantly and wants you to take her there
- loves to read books and I will find her sitting by herself just looking at them (she knows how to turn the pages and which way to hold the book...that's my girl!)

Her first birthday party was yesterday, and after many many hours of planning, it all came together exactly how I wanted. She was a perfect tantrums, no fussing. She only cried once when I made her put her birthday hat on, and then got over it and forgot it was on her head! Lance and I are so fortunate to have a happy, beautiful baby girl!

Mommy and Kate opening gifts. She did fantastic! Stayed with/around me the entire time we opened presents.
Did NOT want to wear her birthday hat!
All ready to "blow out" the candles.
Family photo opportunity
Kate's smash cake
Kate with her sitter Miss Rebecca
Mr. Drew showing off for the camera!
The cake after Kate finished with it.
The cupcakes for the guests.

Miss Caroline playing with blocks.

All the kids playing with Kate in her playroom.

Kate says, "It's hard to crawl with a dress on, Mom."

Overall, the party was a success. We only had one small mishap with Kate and the icing. We think she may be allergic to the dye in the icing, because shortly after the got it on her face, there were red splotches everywhere (just on her face). After a bath and a dose of Benadryl...all was well! We're ready to do it all again next year!