Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our life in pictures from the last week...

Kate had her first sleepover at Nanna and Pop's house. Our babysitter has the swine flu! Nanna and Pop gracially stepped in for 10 days to care for Kate while Rebecca gets better. To kick off the week, Kate stayed over Sunday night. We were a little sad...

Here is Kate the next morning. I really applaud her typing skills. She's getting really good!

After church on Sunday morning. So happy!

Looking intently at Daddy through the camera lense.

"Daddy, what is the black machine you always point at me?"

Pop bought Kate her very own Radio Flyer wagon to ride up and down the street. Unfortunately, our neighborhood is TERRIBLE for strollers, etc., so this will be staying in PN. You can tell by her experssion that she is loving this! Notice the blue OFF fan to ward off mosquitoes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Great Great Grandfather's Rocking Chair

My dad has a rocking chair that has been passed down from generation to generation. Kate got to sit in it for the first time on Sunday. This chair was my great grandfather's, and it could go back farther than that...we're just unsure of the origin. The rockers on the bottom of the chair are uneven, so if you lean forward even a little, you get stuck and slide out. Since Kate has no balance, we played "catch Kate" several times. She did figure out that if she leaned forward, she could do a sort of Riverdance with her shoes on the carpet. She loved it!

Playing horsey with Granddad

Touching the carpet with her pumpkin shoes

So serious about my books and my reading...

Woohoo, I like this!

Mom, don't let me fall.

The Latest Daily Photos

I can't believe we've reached the 200s on our daily photos. Looking back at the "365 Days of Kate" book, she's changed dramatically. Starting about Day 80, you can see a resemblance of the child we have now. Before that, she looks totally foreign to me.

These jammies are a "b" to put on! We will not be wearing them anymore.

I see a little bit of the narrator from the claymation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
in her expression here.

Quick shot before bed...we have several of these.

Her J-Lo day...super cute in a track suit!

Kate in her special Halloween outfit by Grandmother.