Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our life in pictures from the last week...

Kate had her first sleepover at Nanna and Pop's house. Our babysitter has the swine flu! Nanna and Pop gracially stepped in for 10 days to care for Kate while Rebecca gets better. To kick off the week, Kate stayed over Sunday night. We were a little sad...

Here is Kate the next morning. I really applaud her typing skills. She's getting really good!

After church on Sunday morning. So happy!

Looking intently at Daddy through the camera lense.

"Daddy, what is the black machine you always point at me?"

Pop bought Kate her very own Radio Flyer wagon to ride up and down the street. Unfortunately, our neighborhood is TERRIBLE for strollers, etc., so this will be staying in PN. You can tell by her experssion that she is loving this! Notice the blue OFF fan to ward off mosquitoes.


  1. This is such a cute post! It's hard to let our little ones stay at their grandparent's house. But it is so much fun for them! Michelle, she is more beautiful than ever. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Such a great post! I am so glad I get to see your little girl from so far away and after all the years we lost... Nat had one of those exact Radio Flyers and she loved it. So cute!