Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Great Great Grandfather's Rocking Chair

My dad has a rocking chair that has been passed down from generation to generation. Kate got to sit in it for the first time on Sunday. This chair was my great grandfather's, and it could go back farther than that...we're just unsure of the origin. The rockers on the bottom of the chair are uneven, so if you lean forward even a little, you get stuck and slide out. Since Kate has no balance, we played "catch Kate" several times. She did figure out that if she leaned forward, she could do a sort of Riverdance with her shoes on the carpet. She loved it!

Playing horsey with Granddad

Touching the carpet with her pumpkin shoes

So serious about my books and my reading...

Woohoo, I like this!

Mom, don't let me fall.


  1. i LOVE the socks and the picture at the top of the blog. She is so cute!

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