Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer fun in the pool ( x 2)!

We had a VERY fun filled weekend in the pool.  Kate swam in Grandmother and Granddad's pool for the first time this year, and it was a much better experience that last summer.  She just cried last year.  This year (after a little warm-up), she LOVED the water.  Sunday, since we don't have a big pool, we set up Kate's turtle pool in the front yard and let her play in the water.  She was fascinated by the man mowing the lawn across the street and kept saying "Hi guy!".  She was getting frustrated that he wasn't paying her any attention.  I think we have an attention hoarder on our hands!
Last year...not feeling the swimming pool.

This year, much better!

Serious about the pool float.

Her favorite part of swimming was floating to Grandmother for a piece of ice.  

Here's the turtle pool we put in our front yard.  

Mmmmm, sucking on a squirt toy and drinking water hose water....yum!

She LOVED playing with her stacking cups in the water.

It was a wonderful weekend.  I see many more swimming dates in the future!

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