Sunday, June 14, 2009


Note to self. Before trying to take a 2 month old swimming, make sure she's had a good nap beforehand. Overall, the experience was blog worthy!
Little swimmers don't come small enough for me. We opted to go without and prayed for no poopies :) Unfortunately, Kate is probably not the first to pee in the Poulter pool.
Look how tiny I still look on the carpet!
All dressed up in my crocs, swimsuit, and hat from Mrs. Polnick.
Close up - the uneasy face is already present.
Dad - rescue me...I'm not sure about this

Reclining in my Princess float from Grandmother and Granddad

Augh! I hate this Mom...I need my nap and it's hot!

This is better...


Maybe if I bend this way...

Happy enough to take a quick family picture.
Grandmother rescued me

Taking a bath after swimming to get off the chlorine and suntan lotion. Shortly after this picture was taken, I took a 3 hour nap. Swimming is hard work.

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