Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Father's Day & 4th of July

June flew by with the first Father's Day for Lance. He's been wanting a Yankees t-shirt for the last several birthdays and Christmases, but no one has purchased one yet. It took our daugher to finally get one for Father's Day! He was so excited, and immediately put it on to wear it for the day.

July starts a small home improvement. We've hired a crew to rip up our back patio and start over. Apparantely, the previous owner thought he was Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor and liked to play handy man around the house. You can definitely tell which jobs he decided to take home himself...including the conrete on the back patio. It's awful! It slopped TOWARD the house, had the initials JR carved in it, had puppy prints, and was uneven around the edges. Starting today, we have ripped up the old patio, and the foundation is being set for a new and improved back porch. We added about 14 feet to the width, 3 feet to the length, and a small sidewalk in front of our french doors in the back. We're so excited!

Posing with Daddy and the Yankee t-shirt I bought for him. You can't tell, but my shirt says "I Heart Daddy!" Mommy and I embroidered it especially for today!

This bib is the truth!
Family photo of the day

Going to help out Mom and Dad in the yard. Don't I look excited?

Happy 4th! Maybe next year I can try those sparkly things!

All pretty in my red, white, and blue!

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  1. Loved the outfit...wish you and family had been with us but perhaps next year!