Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The latest daily photos

Lance and I are still going strong on our daily photos....we ALMOST missed Day 57, and we realized it at 11:45pm. Luckily, Miss Kate was sleeping soundly in her crib and allowed us to sneak in and take a photo of her sleeping. The flash was so bright, you would never know the light was turned off in the photo. Here are the latest!

Hanging out on my changing table

One of my favorite things to do is recline on my Boppy!

I'm liking my bouncer well enough now to stay in it and not cry...but I still don't have to be happy about it.

Aren't I cute in my outfit from Bonnie Castille?

This swaddle blanket is for babies 8-12 lbs. I'm over 12 lbs, so my blanket is a little tight. Luckily, Mommy bought "The Miracle Blanket" that is adjustable. It's the only way I sleep 6 hours at a time!

I spit up A LOT, so I'm always covered in bibs and spit rags!

Love Me, Love Me Not - We choose Love Me!

Just Do It!

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  1. So cute....the swaddle blanket reminds me of my mom. She swaddled babies before it became the "new" thing. I know she would have just loved to swaddle little Kate.

    (sigh)miss her today!