Monday, May 25, 2009

Kate is 2 Months Old!

Time has flown by! Kate is really starting to develop a little personality. Some of the new things she can do are smile (finally!), "talk" back and forth, and hold a rattle for a short period of time. She LOVES being outside, and it will usually immediately calm her down if she's fussy. Lance and I have taken her on a few walks around the neighborhood in her Jeep carrier, which is good for us exercise wise. Especially Lance, since he is carrying around 12 extra pounds.

For our 2 month doctor visit, Kate is in the 90th percentile in both weight and length. 12 lbs 12 ounces, 23 inches long. At 2 months, Lance weighed 16 lbs 8 ounces!!! Luckily, she's not quite caught up to Dad in that department!

1 comment:

  1. You guys must be doing something right, cause she looks healthy to me! Keep up the good work.

    Love -- Nanny