Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kate's Nursery

So it's the night before Kate's arrival, and my mother and I finally put the finishing touches on the nursery. Being the procrastinator that I am, it's no surprise that this was done right up to the minute. However, it looks beautiful! All the bedding, curtains, etc. were handmade by my mother or her friends. I did contribute and made 5 crib sheets! Below are some photos of all our hardwork.

Inspired once again by friends, I plan on keeping up with this blog to post pictures of Kate so everyone can "meet" her for the first time and watch her grow. Please be patient if photos don't go up immediately....we might have to put Aunt Dana or Uncle Brian on the task of updating the blog when she's born. Love to all!


  1. YEA!!!! We can't wait to meet Kate and follow her on your blog!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!
    Love, Kristen, Blake, and Emmy

  2. Hey Chelle and Lance! Keep your eyes on the prize. The Vannett's are all waiting to meet Kate. We are so excited you are joining us in parenthood. Drew wants to know if she will be driving over : ) We will see you all tomorrow night...can't wait.
    Love to all!

  3. I have been thinking of the two of you all evening. I hope you are able to share you last meal together, and then just relax! Tomorrow is a whole new world and I know that you are going to be wonderful parents! I can't wait to meet little Kate. Enjoy the moments!
    Love, Tammy

  4. Thanks so much for allowing us to join you in your journey of parenting. Will look forward to touching base on your updated postings for my new little niece, Kate. Love to you and Lance and special kisses to Kate.