Friday, March 27, 2009

Kate's 1st week

(Not happy with being burped)
(Riding home from the hospital to my house)
(In my only jammies that fit!)
(Stretching in my pack-n-play) (Something freaked us out in this picture)

Lance heard on ESPN radio from an announcer about a project he did with his children. He took a picture for each day of their life and made it into a book/slideshow for the child's 1st birthday. Lance has taken on this challenge, and above, are Kate's 1st seven days of life. I hope we can keep this up, because the outcome will be amazing!


  1. Great idea taking a photo each day of Kate's life. Hopefully, your endurance will hold. Sorry to learn your local Walgreens gave you a hard time but its kind of a backhand compliment too! Loved the photos...Michelle looks amazing also. Can't believe she was even pregnant she looks so good.

    Keep'em coming.....Love, Nanny