Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Carpet!

Lance and I finally ordered new carpet for the two spares rooms in our house.  When we moved into this house back in July of 2007, the owners pretty much let their dogs have the run of the house.  They were moving to Baytown and while away to their new house, they would lock the dogs in the spare rooms.  Get a good mental image and imagine what the carpet looked like...MANY MANY stains. :(  We steamed cleaned it when we moved in, but it wasn't in the budget to replace right away.  With Kate getting bigger, we wanted to put new carpet down for when she moves into her new big girl room (possibly this Christmas).  She's still sleeping in her room off of our master bedroom. 

The carpet man has now been here for 6 hours.  My house is a wreck, and I am itching to put these two rooms back in order.  Now that they are both at blank slate status, I really want to rearrange furniture placement and redo the decor!  Probably not going to happen, but I can at least rearrange the furniture in a new way.  Plus, it will be much more organized!

We sent Kate to Nanna and Pop's house for the day, and the were all too happy to oblige!  Any excuse to keep Kate!  We miss her, but our house is a danger zone for a newly walking toddler at every turn.
Here's Kate, catching up on some light reading while new carpet is being put in her future bedroom.

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