Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bee-utiful Sunday

Lance took Kate to his parents' house today for some fun in the sun and to help them move around furniture after getting new carpet.  Kate enjoyed swinging on the "Mr. Bear" swing in the backyard.
I'm surprised she has a hat on.  They're usually ripped right off!

 I can hear her yelling "Wwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee"!
Lance said after they had been out there for awhile, Dana noticed a swarm of insects suddenly approaching.  They all rushed into the house and watched from the backdoor to see what was happening.  Lance happened to have his telescope lens to his camera, and zoomed in to get a close look.  His PawPaw and his parents' backyards run into each other, and his Pawpaw has quite the garden in his backyard.  To encourage bees to come into the yard and pollinate, he has planted many patches of clover.  He was just telling Lance this morning, "I don't know where all the bees are!"  Well, be careful what you wish for...
The swarm beginning....all the specks on the house and window (in the air) are bees.
They settled on a small tree in the middle of the backyard.

Close up of the beehive being formed.  No one was stung in the process, and Kate was safely inside by this point napping.  Hopefully, not dreaming of bees.

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