Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Cup-Kate ensemble.
We tried the costume on in the morning when Kate's in her best mood, just in case the evening wasn't going so well. Poor's like shoving your head through a donut!
Lance and I laughed so hard we were crying. I'm surprised he was able to capture us both in this photo. Kate didn't cry at all...what a trooper!
Showing off her costume, minus the shoes!
So happy! After wearing the costume five minutes... ...after wearing the costume 50 minutes.Family photo...who can find Kate's face?We didn't trick-or-treat, but instead, visited a few neighbors. Here is Sondra with her two little ones, Snow White (Morgan) and Buzz Lightyear (Carson).
Our last stop was Miss Kim's house! Kim is pregnant and due in April...I'm hoping for a girl! Kate needs a BFF!
Kate's after costume...which can be worn as an outfit year 'round.
That Grandmother is so smart!

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